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Keeping up to speed with study

Exams are now around the corner (another busy semester, over!). Students are falling into the two camps: those that kept up with the readings and activities over the semester and those that are now cramming happily in an attempt to pass their final exams.

All materials are available at the start of the semester, complete with a list of chapters to read each week and the order in which materials will be covered. The smartest tactic, which minimizes overall work, is to read as you go, do exercises in important chapters, and sit tight for the exam. Students that are slower at reading can take speed-reading classes. A few hours improving reading techniques can pay significant dividends over the course of study.

Few exams have any extremely difficult materials in them that require significant further study or reading. In some cases, however, exams may require a student to extrapolate beyond the examples provided in the book, or the types of cases provided. If you really understand the concepts, this extrapolation isn’t difficult.

Simple strategy – keep up with readings. Continue to work through some problems. Don’t do all the problems in every chapter, but do a couple to make sure you understand key concepts. Most importantly – do not panic in the examination! Keep your cool, breathe in deeply, and try to chill a little. Use the reading time wisely and be ready to go when your examination period commences.