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nDiVE – the first day of an awesome project

This is the first day of a 24-month project to improve operations and supply chain management education – the nDiVE project ( and In essence – the objective is to represent more data and information within a virtual environment to enable learners to better understand supply chain complexity, particularly where there is a separation of time and/or space between the cause-and-effect. This can be particularly pertinent in supply chain quality or health and safety.

Watch this space – it should be an interesting 24-month project improving operations and supply chain education.


Welcome to SCM – a place to learn about and discuss supply chain and operations management. I’ll be discussing topics that are of interest to operations and supply chain professionals as well as students. Both real-life issues will be addressed, especially those of interest in the media, as well as thoughts regarding other topics. Research and education in operations and supply chain management will also be addressed.

All the best – Lincoln.