Looking for supervision in a PhD in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, or Logistics?

Given my current research interests and time commitments, I can take on one more doctoral student. If you get in touch, please send a research proposal or give me some idea of what type of project you want to work on.

I am looking for students to work on the following projects. If you are interested, please get in touch with me!

  • When supply chains fail to support eco-labels: An empirical investigation
  • The effect of supply management restructuring on firm performance

Current doctoral students - I am currently supervising and mentoring the following doctoral students on their research projects:

  • Hari Srivastava - Logistics innovation with IT - a multiple stakeholder perspective

  • Xiaowei (Jason) Wang - an empirical examination of the impact of sustainability practices on supplying firms

Sean Hinton - understanding the role of enterprise gamification systems and how employees interact with the systems

Completed students - I have several completed doctoral students with several more to finish in the very near future. 

  • Linh Duong - understanding inventory management systems and policies for products, accounting for variability, substitutability, and non-financial performance measurements.

Hassan SAID - Completed at Curtin in 2013.

Topic: Intervention framework for quality and assurance in information systems projects.

Emanuel REITERER - Finished at Curtin in 2018

Topic: Search Result Ontologies for Digital Libraries