Using the event study method in logistics and supply chain research

The other day I had an article published in the International Journal of Applied Logistics, entitled: “The Event Study Method in Logistics Research: Overview and a Critical Analysis,” authored with Jason X. Wang. In the article, we provide an overview of the event study method, with a particular focus on the different statistical tests of significance used to evaluate abnormal returns as there is a range of test statistics but there seems to be some confusion amongst management scholars on which are best to use under which circumstances. We also provide an overview of some existing research using event study method in leading logistics journals, focusing on common elements and their focus. The review of existing articles demonstrates a range of different topics that can be addressed using event studies and also highlights some areas for improvement for scholars using the method in this research discipline. Finally, we spend some time examining possible research problems where the use of event studies could provide significant benefit and help develop further insight. Jason and I hope that the article is helpful and useful to readers.


Wood, L. C., & Wang, J. X. (2018) The event study method in logistics research: Overview and a critical analysis. International Journal of Applied Logistics, 8(1), 57-79.


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