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Starting a new job in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland

Early this year I started working as a Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain and Operations Management, within the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland. In this role, I lead classes focused on students in the Master of Management and international business specialisations. So far this has been lots of fun, and in particular the way in which the classes are split into three different types:

  • Plenary lectures – which comes complete with an ‘annotator’ allowing me to markup any slides or other material with pen marks, or use the ‘laser pointer’ mode to get a brief mark on the slide which disappears soon after. Image below – a cool toy! This makes some of the ideas easier to convey during the lectures.
  • Tutorials
  • Team-based learning … in a flexible and adaptable room with plenty of whiteboards for students to work on collaboratively


Big week and a few good publications submitted

It was a big week last week. We had some full-on workshops on research methods. On Friday Dr Torsten Reiners and I were able to submit several publications. We are at the point where the book we’ve been editing on gamification in education and business is with the publishers and we’re awaiting the proofs. Plenty going on and semester starting next week.

The Logistics Technology report for NZ has been released

We have just released the Logistics Technology report based on NZ companies in 2014 … head over to to download this now! Many firms are lagging in their application of technologies or are not making effective use of the technology they have access to. Firms that are moving ahead tend to be more aware of their technology investments and how these are being evaluated – Leaders use more metrics and have a focus wider than simply cost or accuracy focused measures. In the near future, such Leaders are intending to invest more heavily in materials handling technologies. Followers, on the other hand, are still making investments in more fundamental ERP and company-wide systems. The Leaders tend to invest more heavily in training related to technology and employ a wider range of training approaches including more formal educational pathways.

Staying awake

For kids’ birthday parties? Or to keep adults awake during evening classes. When class runs from 18:00 to 21:00 after work it can be hard to stay awake … but this is an impressive collection of focus-enhancing foods 🙂

A collection to help stay awake during evening classes

A collection to help stay awake during evening classes

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Logistics in Western Australia

In a state renowned for the mining and resources boom, logistics is BIG BUSINESS. However, there are other businesses that are crucial to the well-being of the state that also require significant logistics infrastructure and support.

The entire south-west segment of the state profits from being in the ‘wheat-belt’. A wonderfully fertile part of the country – but when the wheat needs to be harvested and moved, this must occur FAST. To ensure that this can happen there is a range of expensive infrastructure in place. Passing through a nearby town, we caught the following few of photos of some of the permanent infrastructure. This is a big operation to get the wheat moving fast and furiously to the coast and then out into the world.

Research update

We have several interesting research projects underway – in the next couple of days I’ll outline what these are.


This is a personal website, which I will be updating regularly with comments focusing on academia and supply chains. Hopefully, I’ll incite some comments, criticism, and discussions amongst readers. I’m an academic – some posts will be about university life. If you’re a student you may learn a little about ‘the other stuff’ around campus that you don’t always learn about or observe directly. My research relates to supply chains – many of my posts will be about operations and supply chain management. Topics I may discuss include current events, national discussions, or teaching and learning in supply chains.

All the best – Lincoln.