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A great Transportation and Logistics Conference in Hsinchu


Linh N K DUONG presenting at the 6th Transportation and Logistics Conference in Hsinchu

Linh N K DUONG presenting at the 6th Transportation and Logistics Conference in Hsinchu

We have just finished the 6th Transportation and Logistics Conference, held at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu. This was a great chance to catch up with Dr. Kuancheng HUANG, one of my friends, as he helped organise and host this great event. We had a range of presentations during the conference on a variety of transportation and logistics issues, including tracks on:

  • logistics policy
  • city logistics
  • data and information
  • container shipping
  • terminal and warehouse operation
  • cross-border and river transport
  • green logistics
  • intermodal and cross-border transport modelling
  • maritime logistics
  • aviation logistics
  • economics, industries, and supply chain

One of my students, Linh N K DUONG, did a great job presenting some research we have completed on transport-on-demand logistics.

After two full days of great presentations on some fascinating research, complemented with panel discussions and an engaging keynote by Prof Michael Bell, we had the technical tours on the final day. There were three locations that we could visit. In the morning you picked between either the Taipei Port (learning more about the Port Facilities and FTZ Operations) or the SYNNEX Distribution Center. In the afternoon, both groups combined at the Taoyuan International Airport where we learned more about the Air Cargo Facilities and the new T3 Project and associated planning. This technical tour opportunity capped off an excellent conference.

I’m looking forward to the next conference in 2018!

Global Logistics in Mining 2012 conference

Wow – just got back from the Global Logistics in Mining 2012 conference (London, UK). Fabulous conference, excellent people. Lots going on around the world. We had some interesting discussions about:

  • Projects all with unique and interesting challenges (e.g., in Africa, Central America, isolated areas in Russia)
  • Technology supporting logistics improvements (e.g., using RFID or automating on-site operations)
  • Challenges operating within developing countries (e.g., within Africa and Central America).

I had a blast and I met some great people. While there are many logistics challenges ahead in mining, the room was filled with some of the brightest minds I’ve met so I am confident all the challenges will be overcome, one way or another!

Thanks to the folk at Fleming Gulf for organizing this.