An expert and accomplished supervisor

As an experienced academic with a deep-rooted passion for mentoring, I pride myself on being a supervisor who not only imparts knowledge but also inspires and challenges my students. My extensive research background in Operations and Supply Chain Management, combined with a rich global academic exposure, has equipped me with the expertise and insights to guide students through the complexities of their academic pursuits. I believe in a personalized approach to supervision, where each student’s unique goals and interests are nurtured, fostering an environment of mutual learning and growth.

My supervision philosophy is centered on creating a collaborative, supportive, and intellectually stimulating environment. I emphasize the importance of ethical research practices, innovative thinking, and practical application of academic work. This approach has consistently led to successful outcomes for my students, both in academia and in their professional careers. I am committed to helping each student develop the skills, confidence, and critical thinking necessary to excel in their field, making their time under my supervision a transformative phase of their academic journey.

Linh Duong

He is very active in industrial engagement and initiated applied research projects. These projects solve specific problems in the real world and provided me (and other students) an understanding of what is happening in the business. 

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Expertise in Operations and Supply Chain Management

With a PhD in this field and a substantial track record of research and publications, I offer deep insights and guidance in these areas, benefiting students and professionals alike.

Proven Track Record in Mentoring and Supervising Research

My history of successfully guiding students through their theses and research projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels demonstrates my commitment to developing the next generation of scholars and professionals.

Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

As an academic with a passion for integrating different disciplines, I excel in bridging the gap between operations management and healthcare. My expertise lies in adapting and applying the principles of supply chain management to healthcare contexts. This unique approach has enabled me to drive innovative solutions for complex challenges in healthcare operations, contributing to more efficient and effective healthcare systems.

Meet my past students

Collaborating – we can overcome any problem!

My doctoral students have consistently achieved remarkable success, both academically and professionally. Many have published in top-tier journals, presented at prestigious conferences, and received notable awards in their fields. Their success is a testament to the rigorous, yet supportive research environment we foster together. Through our collaborative efforts, they not only contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in their respective areas but also secure esteemed positions in academia, industry, and government, making impactful contributions to society and their professions.

Dr Jason X. Wang

University of Huddersfield, England

Dr Mona Koushan

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Dr Linh N. K. Duong

University of the West of England

Dr Hari Srivastava

Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

I offer supervision in several areas crucial to contemporary economies

I publish in a range of construction, healthcare, and sustainability focused journals and elevating research in these areas.

Construction Management

Studying Construction Management with me offers unparalleled insights into integrating modern operations techniques with construction projects.


Healthcare study provides a unique blend of supply chain management and healthcare operations, enhancing efficiency, and patient care.


You’ll explore innovative approaches to sustainable practices in operations and supply chains, vital for future-proofing industries.

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